Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Independent Women Part I” by Destiny’s Child [from Charlie’s Angels]


In honor of the UN’s International Day against Violence to Women today, I’m going with Destiny’s Child “Independent Women Part I” music video from Charlie’s Angels for our Music Monday #MM selection.

UN’s International Day to End Violence against Women 2013


UNiTE_Poster_BToday is the United Nations’ International Day to End Violence against Women.  As a super hero comic company that will feature female characters, alongside male ones, we are totally on board with this.

What is a female super hero if not an idealized version of a woman?  There are no super powers, but there are smart, strong, positive “super” girls and women in the world dealing with incredible odds, overcoming them, and doing heroic things everyday.

We hope to capture this intelligence, strength, positivity, and heroism with our forthcoming female protagonists in a realistic way.

This resonates with me (as it should with everyone), personally, because, obviously, I have a mother, had grandmothers, have a sister, and, more recently, a niece.  And, of course, there are other female family members, friends, co-workers, mentors, heroes, etc., that we all have, love, and respect.  It’s just important.

Check out the official site and FB Page for more information.

Soul Weaver Sketch Color


This is a sketch (character design) of Soul Weaver.  He’s a sorcerer character, along the lines of Marvel’s Dr. Strange, except that he’s from another planet.   He may be featured in a forthcoming story.




STILL LOOKING FOR ARTISTS to work on original characters, concepts, and stories. This is an UNPAID opportunity, but you and your work would be SHOWCASED and PROMOTED.

Selected artists would be asked to work on one stand-alone ORIGINAL story (20-22 pages). This way it would not be a long-term commitment for the artist.

The process would begin with character/concept design based on descriptions, doodles, and/or references. Then, the script would be written by the writer, the artist would draw out the story, and once completed, it would be posted at the main site.

If the artist wanted to work on something again after that, this subject could always be revisited in the future.

This would also require weekly calls to get the characters going and finalized. Once things got rolling, only monthly calls would be required until the project was completed.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please email Cartwheel Group 3 Comics at for more information.

Thank you.


Freddie Rodriguez
Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Men in Black” by Will Smith [from Men in Black]


Keeping it simple this week with Will Smith’s “Men in Black” from the film of the same name.  It’s a catchy and fun joint with a clever sample from a movie that’s fun and clever, too.  I like that both the song and the film do not take themselves too seriously.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Invincible” by Pat Benatar [from the Legend of Billie Jean]


One of my favorite movies of all-time. Not quite a super hero movie, but it does read like a graphic novel and the main character does go through a transformation akin to going from secret identity to super hero identity.  In the process, she becomes a bigger than life personality.  Great song by Pat Benatar, too.  I’m surprised this film isn’t more of a cult hit and doesn’t have more of a following.  Or maybe I’m wrong.  Any other fellow the Legend of Billie Jean fans  out there like me?

My Personal Mantra


My personal mantra with everything that I do that is creative.  I even apply it to things that are not specifically poetry as all art and forms of expression are poetic.  I’m taking this time to take this and breathe this mantra into Cartwheel Group 3 Comics.  Super hero comic creation is about self-expression, too.  Really, to me, it’s all about freedom of expression.

I originally posted this at our official tumblr blog.  See the original post here.

Freddie Rodriguez
CG3 Comics Creator/Editor

Mongrel Suit Sketch Color


This is a sketch (character design) of suit [the colors may change] to be worn by Mongrel.  He’s a shape-shifting laboratory-made “monster” character (who maybe used to be a man or maybe not) that may be featured in a forthcoming story.  He had a head and tentacles, but his color and tentacles started reminding me a little too much of Zoidberg from Futurama.  So, back to the drawing board on that!MongrelSuitSketch1102013Color