More on Polka Dots & Plaid…


Remember this tease?   polkadotsandplaidHere’s a little more on this concept.  It’s called Polka Dots & Plaid, which refers to the two main characters.  It draws on What Not To Wear,  the idea of being reprogrammed, black holes, and alternate lives.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Theme from Shaft” [from Shaft]


This week, I’m going with the “Theme from Shaft” from Shaft.  Here are the opening credits featuring the song. Original film directed by Gordon Parks.  Song written, performed, and recorded by Isaac Hayes from the Shaft Soundtrack, which was all done by Hayes.  Shaft played by Richard Roundtree.  Shut yo’ mouth.  ‘Nuff said.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Superman Score” [from Superman]


I’ve had Superman on the brain, lately.  They were showing the original film on TV during the Thanksgiving holiday.  My father decided to record it and add it to his DVD collection.  I popped in my Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut DVD afterwards.  So, I’ve just been in a Superman mood.

It’s an inspirational theme just like Superman is an inspirational character.   It evokes the idea that the best in us can be brought out along the lines of truth, justice, and the American way, but really, for me, it’s about just trying to be our most positive, hardest working, always do the right thing, best selves.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “In the City” by Joe Walsh/The Eagles [from the Warriors]


I wanted to go with more of an old school cult classic this week. So, the film is the 1979 cult favorite directed by Walter Hill, the Warriors, which was based on the 1965 novel by Sol Yurick of the same name. There have since been comic books and video games based on the film.

The song was originally written by  Barry de Vorzon and Joe Walsh and performed by Walsh for the soundtrack, specifically.   The Eagles, which Walsh was a part of, liked the song, and decided to record their own version for their album, the Long Run, which was released the same year.

They recorded a music video for it featuring a staged recording session, but I’m going with the scene from the film that featured the song, which is, the last scene of the film moving into the end credits.