Where Cartwheel Group 3 comes from…
When I was in the third grade, there was a time in P.E. that we learned to do cartwheels and were placed in Groups 1, 2, and 3, according to how good we were at doing them.  Group 1 was the best and so on.

I, initially, landed in Group 3.  For the next two or three days, I practiced cartwheels in our driveway after school.  The following week when we were re-assessed, I made it to Group 1. I also consider the number 3 to be my lucky number.

As it applies to Cartwheel Group 3 Comics…
The idea is simple.  There is always room for improvement and we must always strive to do and be better.  This must happen, though, without ever forgetting where we started or where we came from.

The point of Cartwheel Group 3 Comics…

  • To create original superhero characters.
  • To publish original stand-alone online comics featuring those characters.
  • To pay up-and-coming and/or aspiring talented artists to work on character designs for those characters and the stand-alone stories that will feature them.

How it will work…

  • All original work, concepts, and characters will be owned by CG3.
  • Artists will be monetarily compensated for their work.
  • Said compensation will be negotiable and agreed upon by both parties (CG3 and artist).
  • When possible, selected artists will be placed on Cycle 1 projects that exploit their strengths and interests.
  • This site is for creators who are not published or established.  Or if published, minimally so.
  • This site will feature original one-off, stand-alone characters and stories.  But, if there is interest or demand, follow-up stories or limited serials are possible.
  • Artists are welcome to come back to work on other projects if interested and if the initial working relationship and project were successful.
  • This site, itself, is currently not-for-profit, but artists will be compensated.

Freddie Rodriguez Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor

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