Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Announces First Artist to Sign On


We are excited to announce the first artist to come aboard to Cartwheel Group 3 Comics.  Welcome, Che Williams!  Read his bio below and see it in the Artists Section here or on our tumblr. blog here.

chewilliamsChe Williams is a 23-year-old born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  He’s been an artist since elementary school, but really got into his craft in high school. His influences include Akira Toriyama, Scott Campbell, WAK aka Kevin A. Williams, Hyung-tae Kim, and his own father.  He dabbles in photography and graphic design, but holds a black belt in Illustration.  His work can be found at and on Instagram @mr_devinche.  He will be the artist on the forthcoming story of Trinity featuring Reckless Abandon, Mongrel, and Soul Weaver.

My Personal Mantra


My personal mantra with everything that I do that is creative.  I even apply it to things that are not specifically poetry as all art and forms of expression are poetic.  I’m taking this time to take this and breathe this mantra into Cartwheel Group 3 Comics.  Super hero comic creation is about self-expression, too.  Really, to me, it’s all about freedom of expression.

I originally posted this at our official tumblr blog.  See the original post here.

Freddie Rodriguez
CG3 Comics Creator/Editor

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance [from Watchmen]


I really enjoyed Watchmen.  Seemed like a lot of people just didn’t get it.  Felt to me like a real-life interpretation of the book.  It was spot-on.  I kept trying to put myself in the mind of someone who knew nothing about it to figure out if I’d be confused.  I felt like it was still very much understandable.  This is My Chemical Romance’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Road” for the soundtrack to Watchmen.

Calling Aspiring Super Hero Comic Artists & Creators!


Looking for aspiring and up-and-coming super hero comic artists and creators to be showcased at this blog.  Pencilers, colorists, inkers, letterers, or if you do it all yourself, contact me.  Writers, feel free to pitch something as well.

Chosen creators will be asked to create original content to be featured at this blog in the American style of Marvel and DC that will focus on super hero teams like the X-Men and the Justice League.

Please note, this post refers to online/web comics, not traditional comics.

Email me for more information and/or with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Freddie Rodriguez
Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor