eye over sea Debut Tee Now Available for Pre-Order


Pre-Orders are now available!  US (Domestic) Sales Only! Unisex distressed red “individuality over conformity” debut eye over sea t-shirt in Medium or Large.  $12 plus $3 Shipping & Handling per t-shirt.  Go to the Facebook Page and click on the Buy Now Tab to place your order.  The shirts will be produced on or around April 10, 2015. After that date, Pre-Orders will be the first to be shipped out.

Remember:  The goal is for eye over sea profits to allow Cartwheel Group 3 Comics to pay an artist for online superhero comic work.

Please ‘Like’ eye over sea Facebook Page


eye over sea is my new t-shirt company independent of and not affiliated with Cartwheel Group 3 Comics. eye over sea is still very much a work-in-progress and the debut design is still in the early stages. My hope is that t-shirt sales will allow me to pay an artist to do some CG3 work. Please ‘like’ the eye over sea Facebook Page to keep up with updates on and progress of the debut design.

Thank You and Cheers.

Freddie Rodriguez

Still on Facebook, Twitter & tumblr.

We recently got more ‘likes’ on our Facebook Page thanks to a couple of CG3 friends sharing it with their contacts.  Since we’re excited about that, we thought we’d take the time to remind you that Cartwheel Group 3 Comics is on Facebook, Twitter & tumblr.

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As we had stated before, things are still in progress, but we urge you to stay tuned.   There really is more to come!  Things should definitely kick off in 2014.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr. [from Ghostbusters]


As things are still in development here at Cartwheel Group 3 Comics, I thought it might be fun to start participating in Music Mondays #MM on Twitter.

I thought I could feature a favorite or standout music video from a super hero, comic, and/or genre film on a weekly basis here as well as on Twitter, of course, and across our two other social networks (Facebook and tumblr).

I thought I’d kick things off with “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.  Everyone knows this one.  It’s the theme to the first film and really for the whole franchise.  He’s also recently been in the news trying to get his royalties in order.  Plus,  Halloween is almost upon us, so it’s perfect.  See that story at TMZ here.

Apparently, there’s a celebrity cameo version and a non-celebrity cameo version.  I’m going with the one with cameos of stars of the day.  Enjoy the video!