NYC-Based Stage Center Productions Interviews CG3 Creator/Editor, Freddie Rodriguez, Calling Him a “Creative Force”


Stage Center Productions, an NYC-based theater and cinema production house and talent agency for actors and writers focused on Latino and/or LGBT literature, theater, and cinema did an interview with Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor, Freddie Rodriguez calling him a “creative force.”  He discusses CG3 as well as his other creative endeavors.  Click here and, then, click on his picture to read the interview.

Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Announces Artist Orion Vang to work on Fame & Fortune


We are excited to announce the next artist to come aboard to Cartwheel Group 3 Comics.  Welcome, Orion Vang!  Read his bio below and see it in the Artists Section here and on our tumblr. blog here.  He will be working on the story of Fame & Fortune starring characters of the same names, that we are announcing here for the first time, too!  Stay tuned for more from Orion on F&F.


n Vang was born and currently resides in the state of California. He is an aspiring illustrator who longs to reach his dreams of becoming a conceptual artist in the movie and gaming industries.  He studies the fields of environment, anatomy, and architecture under the influence of his idol, Feng Zhu.  His work can be found at bushido-arts.deviantart.comYouTube, and on Twitter @BushidoArts.

Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr. [from Ghostbusters]


As things are still in development here at Cartwheel Group 3 Comics, I thought it might be fun to start participating in Music Mondays #MM on Twitter.

I thought I could feature a favorite or standout music video from a super hero, comic, and/or genre film on a weekly basis here as well as on Twitter, of course, and across our two other social networks (Facebook and tumblr).

I thought I’d kick things off with “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.  Everyone knows this one.  It’s the theme to the first film and really for the whole franchise.  He’s also recently been in the news trying to get his royalties in order.  Plus,  Halloween is almost upon us, so it’s perfect.  See that story at TMZ here.

Apparently, there’s a celebrity cameo version and a non-celebrity cameo version.  I’m going with the one with cameos of stars of the day.  Enjoy the video!