So, the idea is…


…that once an artist or artists is/are selected, they will be featured on one-shot (stand-alone) stories on a monthly basis at the main site. These will be 20-22 page stories posted 1 page-a-day from M-F each month. The story will start at the beginning of the month and end at the end of it.

This way, it’s not a long-term commitment for the artist; various artists can be showcased; and different characters, concepts, and storylines can be explored.

The same artists can always return to work on other stories if they are interested and characters, concepts, and storylines can be revisited down the line if there is artist and/or audience demand to do so.

Calling Aspiring Super Hero Comic Artists & Creators!


Looking for aspiring and up-and-coming super hero comic artists and creators to be showcased at this blog.  Pencilers, colorists, inkers, letterers, or if you do it all yourself, contact me.  Writers, feel free to pitch something as well.

Chosen creators will be asked to create original content to be featured at this blog in the American style of Marvel and DC that will focus on super hero teams like the X-Men and the Justice League.

Please note, this post refers to online/web comics, not traditional comics.

Email me for more information and/or with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Freddie Rodriguez
Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor