Music Mondays #MM on Twitter: “We Remain” by Christina Aguilera [from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire]


No official lyric video or music video, but found this fan-made lyric video on YouTube.   Surprised there hasn’t been as much of a push with this song as there was with “Atlas” by Coldplay (the first official single for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack).  In recent years, though, none of Xtina’s press (or lack thereof) has made sense.   Yes, I’m an Xtina fan and I think she needs to fire her press/promotion people and start fresh with a whole new team.  Or, maybe it’s the record company.  If that’s the case, she needs to change record companies.  Okay, that’s enough of my aside.  Enjoy!

The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire opens on November 22, 2013.